The Jazz Legacy of Jim Pepper: An American Original


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This discography is based on my own collection and research, along with interviews with people who knew Pepper and some of whom even had rare recordings, and conversations with other researchers. To them, I offer my deepest thanks — theirs was clearly a labor of love, passion, and energy.

Recordings are listed in chronological order, as much as possible, by known or assumed recording or release date (there were frequent gaps, in some cases years-long, between the two). Composers are identified based on the information given on the LP or CD packaging when available. When a composer is not named, in most cases it’s because it’s the leader on that particular LP/CD.

I take full credit for any inaccuracies, gaps, mislabeling, misspellings, or other errors or inconsistencies. If you have different or additional information on these or any other unlisted recordings that you feel should be included, please let me know. I will include any and all legitimate listings with the utmost of gratitude.

— Bill Siegel


ABC 593 [LP]

TRACKS: 1. Don’t Look Now (Coryell) 2. I’m Gonna Be Free (Coryell) 3. LBOD (Coryell/Moses) 4. Sunday Telephone (Coryell/Baker) 5. Blue Water Mother (Coryell/Baker) 6. Girl Of The Mountain (Coryell/Baker) 7. Cosmic Daddy Dancer (Coryell/Baker) 8. Bad News Cat (Coryell) 9. Storm (Coryell/Baker) 10. Early Mornin’ Fear (Coryell/Nick Hyams) 11. Angels Can’t Be True (Coryell) 12. Tattoo Man (Coryell/Baker)

Personnel: Jim Pepper, tenor saxophone, flute; Larry Coryell, guitar, sitar, voice; Columbus ‘Chip’ Baker, guitar; Chris Hills, electric bass; Bob Moses, drums

RECORDED 1967; Tracks 6, 12 also appear on a 7″ single; RE-RELEASED July 2006; Sunbeam Records CD


Verve V6-5064 [LP) Edsel EDCD399 [CD)

Tracks: 1. Child 2. Three Hawks 3 All This Time Gone By 4. Woman 5. The Sun 6. Many Different Things 7. You’ll Dance Alone 8. Tree Of Trees 9. Arch Godliness Of Purplefull Magic 10. Love Is What I’ve Found

Personnel: Sandy Hurvitz, voice, piano; Jeremy Steig, flute; Jim Pepper, tenor saxophone; Eddie Gomez, bass; Donald MacDonald, drums

RECORDED c. 1967, Apostolic Studios, NY


Amulet AMT011 [CD]

Tracks: 1. Wholly Moses (Moses) 2. The Worms Crawl In (Coryell) 3. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Kern/Harbach) 4. Rock Fantasy (Coryell/Moses) 5. Nowhere (M. Gibbs) 6. Slum Funk (Moses) 7. Dancing Bears (Moses)

Personnel: Jim Pepper, tenor saxophone; Keith Jarrett, soprano saxophone on 1, 6, piano on 3; Larry Coryell, guitars, voice on 2, electric bass on 5; Steve Swallow, bass, electric bass; Bob Moses, drums

RECORDED 1967-1968, Apostolic Studios, New York First issued in 2003, except track 3 which had been included in the Keith Jarrett collection “Foundations: The Keith Jarrett Anthology 1966-1971” (Rhino R2-71593 [2CD])


Vanguard VSD 79282 [LP]

Tracks: 1. Second Song 2. I & Thou 3. Southwind 4. Tear 5. Barefoot 6. Gypsy Song 7 Circus Day 8. Blake Street 9. Socco Chico 10. Mixture (Walker/Chechik)

Personnel: Jim Pepper, flute; John Blair, violin; Peter Walker, sarod, guitar, coral sitar; Jim Hotep, tabla; Midnite, tamboura on 2; Michael Chechik, organ on 10; New York Tactical Force, ondiolines on 10

RECORDED circa 1968, Vanguard 23rd Street Studio, New York

The Belle of Avenue A


Reprise RS6359 [LP]

Tracks: Flower Children (Kupferberg) Other tracks are without Pepper

Personnel: Tuli Kupferberg, voice; Jim Pepper, flute; Ken Pine, guitar; Bill Wolf, bass, voice; Bob Mason, drums; Bill Wolf Overdub Choir, vocal

RECORDED circa 1969, Apostolic Studios, New York

Everything is Everything: FEATURING CHRIS HILLS

Vanguard VSD 6512 [LP]; VSCD 708 (Japan) [CD]

Tracks:1. Witchi Tai To (Pepper) 2. Ooooh Baby (Hills/Baker) 3. Get Clean (Walter) 4. Full Of Love (Bob Moses) 5. Gemini (Hills/Baker) 6. Funkey Monkey (Hills) 7. Jo-Jo (Hills) 8. Naima (Coltrane) / Rainbeaux (Hills) 9. Fork New York (Hills) 10. Everything Is Everything (Hills)

Personnel: Jim Pepper, tenor saxophone, flute, voice on 1; Chris Hills, guitar, electric bass, drums, voice; Chip Baker, guitar, voice; Lee Reinoehl, organ, trumpet; John Waller, Jim Zitro, drums

RECORDED circa 1969, Apostolic Studios, New York. Tracks 1 and 2 also issued on a 7″ single

Larry Coryell: CORYELL

Vanguard VSD 6547 [LP]; Universe [CD]

Tracks: Ah Wuv Ooh (Julie Coryell) Other tracks are without Pepper

Personnel: Jim Pepper, flute; Larry Coryell, guitar; Ron Carter, electric bass; Bernard Purdie, drums

RECORDED April 25, 1969, New York. Also on “Larry Coryell: Improvisations – Best of the Vanguard Years” (Vanguard 79540-2 [2CD])

Pepper\'s Pow Wow


Embryo SD731 [LP]; also on private label [CD] Re-released by Wounded Bird (2007)

Tracks: 1. Witchi-Tai-To [chant 1] (Kaw traditional) 2. Witchi-Tai-To [song] (J. Pepper) 3. Witchi-Tai-To [chant 2] 4. Squaw Song (Gilbert Pepper) 5. Rock Stomp Indian Style (G. Pepper) 6. Senecas (Peter LaFarge) 7. Yon A Ho (G. Pepper) 8. Slow War Dance (G. Pepper) 9. Nommie-Nommie (Charles Gabriel/J.M. Black) 10. Newly-Weds Song (G. Pepper) 11. Fast War Dance (G. Pepper) 12. Now War Dance (G. Pepper) 13. Drums (LaFarge)

Personnel: Jim Pepper, voice, tenor and soprano saxophone, percussion; Gil Pepper, voice, percussion; Ravie Pepper, flute, voice, percussion; Larry Coryell, electric guitar; Tom Grant, piano, voice, percussion; Chuck Rainey, electric bass on 1, 4, 8, 9; Jerry Jemmott, electric bass on 2, 5, 10; Billy Cobham, drums on 1, 4, 8, 9; Spider Rice, drums on 2, 5, 7, 10

RECORDED 1971, Apostolic Studios, New York


no label/private issue [LP]

Tracks: 1. Coke 2. Trees 3. Little Flute 4. Big Flutes 5. Pyramid 6. Dragonfly Dance 7. Might Not Be On Time 8. Where The Dreams Are Kept 9. Clouds 10. I’m Going Down To The River Again 11. Or 12. Signals From Earth

Personnel: Side 1: Darrell DeVore, voice, flute, bass, percussion; Frank Albright, flute, soprano saxophone; Marvin Kirkland, flute, percussion; Terry Wilson, percussion Side 2: Darrell DeVore, voice, flute, bass, piano, percussion; John Celona, soprano saxophone, synthesizer, percussion; Jim Pepper, tenor saxophone; Ron Grunn, bassoon, flute; Terry Wilson, percussion

RECORDED 1974, San Francisco


Inner City IC1079 [LP]

Tracks: 1. Heroic Proportions 2. Water Baby?s Chant 3. In The Temple Of The Falling Leaf 4. Cumulus Waltz 5. Welcome Aliens 6. Recent Developments 7. The Theme 8. Up The River

Personnel: Mark Isham, fluegelhorn, piccolo trumpet, french horn; Jim Pepper, tenor and soprano saxophone; Rob Thomas, violin; Cam Newton, guitars, percussion, voice on 2; Steve Koski, pedal steel guitar; David Leslie, piano, synthesizers; Pat O’Hearn, fretless electric bass, bass; Doug Ness, drums; Jack Newton, percussion; Hom-Nath Upadhyaya, tabla

RECORDED August 1979, Producer’s Studio, Eugene, Oregon

Archie James Cavanaugh: BLACK AND WHITE RAVEN

BWR LP-001 [LP]; Vivid Sound VSCD 077 (Japan) [CD]

Tracks: 1.Take It Easy 2. Its Our Love 3. Living Without You; Other tracks are without Pepper

RECORDED at Pacific West Recorders, Redmond, Washington, circa 1980

When Elephants Dream of Music


Gramavision GR8203 [LP], Gramavision R2 79491 [CD]

Tracks: 1. Trevor 2. Picolo And Lulu 3. Everybody Knows You When You’re Up And In 4. Lava Flow 5. Happy To Be Here Today 6. For Miles 7. Embraceable Jew 8. Bugs Bunny 9. Black Orchid 10. Disappearing Blues 11. Ripped Van Twinkle 12. Blame It On The Egg 13. The River; Tracks 7, 8, 11 on the CD edition only

Personnel: Terumasa Hino, cornet; Chris Rogers, trumpet; Barry Rogers, trombone; Howard Johnson, contrabass clarinet, tuba; Jeremy Steig, bass flute on 13; David Gross, alto saxophone; Doc Halliday, tenor and soprano saxophone; Jim Pepper, tenor saxophone; Bill Frisell, guitar; David Friedman, vibraphone, marimba; Lyle Mays, synthesizers; Michael Formanek, bass; Steve Swallow, electric bass; Paul Socolow, electric bass on 6; Bob Moses, drums, voice; Bob Weiner, drums on 6; Joe Bonadio, Aiyb Dieng, percussion; Nana Vasconcelos, percussion, voice; Sheila Jordan, voice on 5; Marion Cowings, Bemshi Shearer, voice on 4, 13; Jeanne Lee, Jahnet Levatin, Paula Potocki, Toni Wilson, voice on 13

RECORDED April 11-12, 1982, Vanguard Studio, New York

Ballad of The Fallen

Charlie Haden/Carla Bley: THE BALLAD OF THE FALLEN ECM 1248 [LP/CD]

Tracks: 1. Els Segadors (trad. Spanish) 2. The Ballad Of The Fallen (El Salvador folk song) 3. If You Want To Write Me (trad. Spanish) 4. Grandola Vila Morena (José Alonso) 5. Introduction To People (Bley) 6. The People United Will Never Be Defeated (Sergio Ortega) 7. Silence (Haden) 8. Too Late (Bley) 9. La Pasionara (Haden) 10. La Santa Espina (Angel Guimera/Enric Morera)

Personnel: Don Cherry, pocket trumpet; Michael Mantler, trumpet; Gary Valente, trombone; Sharon Freeman, french horn; Jack Jeffers, tuba; Steve Slagle, alto and soprano saxophone, clarinet, flute; Jim Pepper, tenor and soprano saxophone, flute; Dewey Redman, tenor saxophone; Mick Goodrick, guitar; Carla Bley, piano, glockenspiel; Charlie Haden, bass; Paul Motian, drums

RECORDED November 1982, Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg


Gleeful GL002 [CD], Tutu 888 136 (Germany) [CD]

Tracks: 1. Jumpin’ Gemini (Pepper) 2. Insomnia (Lee) 3. Autumn In New York (Vernon Duke) 4. 3/4 Gemini (Pepper) 5. Water (Pepper) 6. Land Whales (Lee) 7. Gone (Lee)

Personnel: Jim Pepper, tenor and soprano saxophone; Gordon Lee, piano; Calvin Hill, bass; Bob Moses, drums

First issued in 1990 Rec. December 21-22, 1982, Vanguard Studios, New York

Jim Pepper: COMIN’ AND GOIN’

Europa JP 2014 [LP], Rykodisc RCD 10001 [CD], Antilles AN8706 [LP/CD]

Tracks: 1. Witchi Tai To 2. Ya Na Ho (Gil Pepper) 3. Squaw Song (G. Pepper) 4. Goin’ Down To Muskogee 5. Comin’ And Goin’ 6. Lakota Song (trad., arr. J. Pepper) 7. Water 8. Custer Gets It 9. Malinyea (Don Cherry)

Personnel: On 1, 4, 5, 8: Jim Pepper, tenor saxophone, voice; John Scofield, guitar; Kenny Werner, piano; Lester McFarland, electric bass; Hamid Drake, drums; Nana Vasconcelos, percussion On 3, 7, 9: Jim Pepper, tenor and soprano saxophone, voice; Kenny Werner, piano; Mark Helias, bass; Danny Gottlieb, drums; Nana Vasconcelos, percussion; Collin Walcott (misspelled “Colin” on the CD and LP), sitar, tabla; Don Cherry, trumpet on 3 On 2: Jim Pepper, voice; Nana Vasconcelos, percussion; Collin Walcott, tabla On 6: Jane Lind, Caren Knight, voice; Jim Pepper, tenor saxophone; Bill Frisell, guitar; Ed Schuller, bass; Nana Vasconcelos, percussion

[Tracks 1, 2 and 8 also on a 12″ 45rpm (possibly promo or UK-only distribution?) by Antilles/New Directions] Rec. May 12, June 22-23, August 17, 1983, Eurosound Studios and Quadrasonic Studio, New York


Soul Note SN 1074 (Italy) [LP/CD]

Tracks: 1. 9 X 9 2. Five Miles To Wrentham 3. The Owl Of Cranston 4. Trieste 5. Look To The Black Wall 6. The Story Of Maryam

Personnel: Jim Pepper, tenor and soprano saxophone; Joe Lovano, tenor saxophone; Bill Frisell, guitar; Ed Schuller, bass; Paul Motian, drums

Rec. July 27-28, 1983, Barigozzi Studio, Milano

Paul Motian: JACK OF CLUBS Soul Note SN 1124 (Italy) [LP/CD]

Tracks: 1. Jack Of Clubs 2. Cathedral Song 3. Split Decision 4. Hide And Go Seek 5. Lament 6. Tanner Street 7. Drum Music

Personnel: Jim Pepper, tenor and soprano saxophone; Joe Lovano, tenor saxophone; Bill Frisell, guitar; Ed Schuller, bass; Paul Motian, drums

Rec. March 26-28, 1984, Barigozzi Studio, Milano

various artists: ALASKA HIT SINGLES

AHS 001 [LP]

Track: Polar Bear Stomp [Other tracks are without Pepper]

Personnel: Jim Pepper, tenor saxophone, voice; Mike Mongiello, guitar; Bill Ashby, bass; Jim Fenster, drums

Rec. October 1984; Roark-Harmon, Juneau

Nana Simopoulos: WINGS AND AIR

Enja 5031 (Germany) [LP/CD]

Tracks: 1. Time To Re 2. Pulcie’s Dance 3. Jamming With The Animals (Simopoulos/Haden/Pepper/Granelli) 4. Wings And Air 5. Nono Nana (Simopoulos/Vasconcelos) 6. New Moon

Personnel: On 1, 5: Nana Simopoulos, guitar, bouzouki, voice; Nana Vasconcelos, percussion, voice On 2: Don Cherry, trumpet, doussn’gouni; Nana Simopoulos, guitar; Arto Tuncboyaci, percussion, voice; Matthias Sudholter, didjeridu On 3, 4, 6: Jim Pepper, tenor saxophone, flute; Nana Simopoulos, guitar, bouzouki, voice; Charlie Haden, bass; Jerry Granelli, drums; Ara Dinkjian, oud on 4

Rec. June 13, 1986, Eras Studios, New York


Soul Note 121174 (Italy) [LP/CD]

Tracks: 1. Misterioso (Thelonius Monk) 2. Abacus 3. Once Around The Block 4. Gang Of Five 5. Pannonica (Monk) 6. Folk Song For Rosie 7. Byablue 8. Dance 9. Johnny Broken Wing

Personnel: Jim Pepper, tenor and soprano saxophone; Joe Lovano, tenor saxophone; Bill Frisell, guitar; Ed Schuller, bass; Paul Motian, drums

Rec. July 14-16, 1986, Barigozzi Studio, Milano

Marty Cook Group: NIGHTWORK

Enja 5033 (Germany) [LP/CD]

Tracks: 1. Kiki 2. Nightwork 3. Apocatastasis 4. Idiosyncratic 5. Such Good Friends 6. Just Is

Personnel: Marty Cook, trombone; Jim Pepper, tenor saxophone; Essiet Okun Essiet, bass; John Betsch, drums

Tracks 1-4 recorded January 12, 1987, Garden Studio, New York Tracks 5-6 recorded October 9, 1986, BR Studio, Nuremberg


Enja 5043 (Germany) [LP/CD]

Tracks 1. 3/4 Gemini 2. What’s New (Haggert/Burke) 3. Jumpin’ Gemini 4. Dakota Song 5. Mercer Street Blues 6. Comme Il Faut (Ornette Coleman) 7. It Could Happen To You (van Heusen/Burke) 8. Polka Dots And Moonbeams (van Heusen) 9. Rainbeaux

Personnel: Jim Pepper, tenor saxophone, voice on 4; Kirk Lightsey, piano; Santi Debriano, bass; John Betsch, drums

Tracks 8, 9 on the CD edition only; Rec. January 14, 1987, Sorcerer Sound, New York

Friesen/Moore/Pepper/Priester/Waldron: REMEMBERING THE MOMENT

Soul Note 121278-2 (Italy) [CD]

Tracks: 1. Autumn Leaves (Joseph Kosma) 2. Night In Tunisia (Dizzy Gillespie/Frank Paparelli) 3. All Blues (Miles Davis)

Personnel Julian Priester, trombone; Jim Pepper, tenor saxophone; Mal Waldron, piano; David Friesen, bass; Eddie Moore, drums

Rec. “live” June 25, 1987, The Hobbit, Portland, Oregon Dedicated to Eddie Moore and Jim Pepper

Marty Cook Group: RED, WHITE, BLACK & BLUE

Enja 5067 (Germany) [LP/CD], Tutu 888 174 (Germany) [CD]

Tracks: 1. Spirit War 2. It’s About Time 3. Love Life 4. Grab Bag 5. Sweet / No Regrets Now 6. Mr. D.C. (J. Pepper) 7. Trapeze (Claudine François) 8. Face The Nation Tracks

Personnel: Marty Cook, trombone; Jim Pepper, tenor and soprano saxophone; Ed Schuller, bass; John Betsch, drums; Mal Waldron, piano on 1, 3, 4, 7

7, 8 on the CD edition only Rec. November 23-24, 1987, Trixi Studios, Munich


Tutu 888 102 (Germany) [LP/CD]

Tracks: 1. Dancing On The Flames 2. A Bow To The Classics 3. Little One 4. From Little Acorns 5. Soul Mates 6. Blood And Guts 7. Solar (Miles Davis) 8. Blue Monk (Thelonius Monk) 9. Golden Golson Personnel: Mal Waldron, piano; Ed Schuller, bass; John Betsch, drums; Jim Pepper, tenor saxophone on 5, 7, 8, 9

Tracks 7, 8, 9 on the CD edition only Rec. November 25, 1987, Trixi Studios, Munich

Jim Pepper: THE PATH

Enja 5087 (Germany) [LP/CD]

Tracks: 1. Bamasso 2. Habi Ba (Lightsey) 3. Marchant Le Chemin (Betsch) 4. Lullaby (Paul Motian) 5. Hello Young Lovers (Rodgers/Hammerstein) 6. Reflections (Thelonius Monk) 7. Our Quiet Place (Debriano) 8. Witchi Tai To 9. Caddo Revival

Personnel: Stanton Davis, trumpet; Jim Pepper, tenor and soprano saxophone, voice on 8, 9; Kirk Lightsey, piano; Santi Debriano, bass; John Betsch, drums; Arto Tuncboyaci, percussion; Caren Knight, voice on 9

Tracks 5, 7 on the CD edition only Track 8 (duet with Pepper and Lightsey) also on the compilation Art of the Duo Vol. 1 (Enja 8008-2 [CD]) Rec. March 3-4, 1988, A & R Studio, New York

Jim Pepper/Mal Waldron: ART OF THE DUO

Tutu CD 888 106 (Germany) [LP/CD]

Tracks: 1. Ticket To Tokyo (Waldron) 2. Ruby My Dear (Thelonius Monk) 3. Bathing Beauties (Pepper) 4. Somewhere Over The Rainbow [take one] (Arlen/Harburg) 5. SomeWhere Over The Rainbow [take two] 6. Spinning At Trixi (Waldron) 7. Good Bait (Dameron/Basie) 8. You’re No Bunny Unless Some Bunny Loves You (Waldron/Pepper) 9. A Pepper Poem [part one] (Pepper) 10. A Pepper Poem [part two] 11. Willy’s Blues (Pepper) 12. What Is This Thing Called Love (Porter) 13. How Long Has This Been Going On (Gershwin) 14. Indian Water (Pepper)

Personnel: Jim Pepper, tenor and soprano saxophone; Mal Waldron, piano

Tracks 5, 6, 13 on the CD edition only Rec. April 5, 1988, Trixi Studios, Munich


Tutu CD 888 110 (Germany) [CD]

Tracks: Comin’ To Git You / A Homage To Mr. D.C. (Pepper) Face The Nation (Marty Cook)

Personnel: Marty Cook Group: Marty Cook, trombone; Jim Pepper, tenor saxophone, voice; Ed Schuller, bass; John Betsch, drums

Rec. live June 17-18, 1988, International Jazz Festival Münster (Germany)


Gray Cats (Germany) [CD]

Tracks: Polar Bear Song (Pepper) Other tracks are without Pepper

Personnel: Jim Pepper, voice, tenor saxophone; Raimund Frick, voice; Bob Rückerl, alto and baritone saxophones; Timo Verbole, Florian Helming, tenor saxophone; Wolfgang Socher, guitar; Hans Attenberger, bass; Gerhard Spreng, drums

Rec. 1988, Soundart Tonstudio, Ingolstadt

Pepper/Spendel/McClure/Hoch: WEST END AVENUE

Nabel 4633 (Germany) [CD]

Tracks: 1. Three For Gemini (Pepper) 2. Ballad For Nori (Hoch) 3. Traces Of Darkness (Spendel) 4. Hey New Day (McClure) 5. Mr. R. B. (Spendel) 6. Sentimental Walk (Cosma) 7. In The Hall (Hoch) “Three For Gemini” = “3/4 Gemini”

Personnel: Jim Pepper, tenor saxophone; Christoph Spendel, piano; Ron McClure, bass; Reuben Hoch, drums

** A 1989 “Record of the Month” in Germany

Rec. February 1, 1989, Garden Productions Studios, New York

Jim Pepper/Claudine François Trio: CAMARGUE

Pan Music PMC 1106 (France) [CD]

Tracks: 1. Enlightenment 2. Camargue 3. Les Tortues 4. Magnetic Highlands 5. Hot September 6. I Couldn’t Believe It 7. Double Dutch Treat 8. Crepuscule With Nellie (Thelonius Monk) 9. Hooray For Herbie (Mal Waldron) 10. Suite X 11. Drakumba (Schuller)

Personnel: Jim Pepper, tenor saxophone; Claudine François, piano; Ed Schuller, bass; John Betsch, drums; Kendra Shank, voice on 11

Rec. May 12-14, 1989, Studio Gimmick, France


Tutu CD 888 118 (Germany) [CD]

Tracks: 1. Ticket To Utopia 2. Time For Duke 3. Never In A Hurry 4. Mistral Breeze #1 5. Funny Glasses And A Mustache (Pepper)

Personnel: Jim Pepper, tenor saxophone; Mal Waldron, piano; Ed Schuller, bass; John Betsch, drums

Rec. live October 25-26, 1989, Utopia Club, Innsbruck

Mal Waldron Quartet: MORE GIT’ GO AT UTOPIA

Tutu CD 888 148 (Germany) [CD]

Tracks: 1. More Git’ Go At Utopia 2. Warm Puppies – A Reflexion In Monk (Pepper) 3. You Open My Eyes 4. Mistral Breeze #2 5. Dancing On The Flames

Personnel: Jim Pepper, tenor and soprano saxophone; Mal Waldron, piano; Ed Schuller, bass; John Betsch, drums

Rec. “live” October 25-26, 1989, Utopia Club, Innsbruck

Jim Pepper/Flying Eagle: LIVE AT NEW MORNING, PARIS

Tutu CD 888 194 (Germany) [CD]

Tracks: 1. Flying At New Morning 2. 3/4 Gemini 3. Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Arlen/Harburg) 4. Ski Jumping Blues 5. Soul Mates (Waldron) 6. Green Pepper / Freewheelin’ At Utopia (Pepper/Waldron/Schuller/Betsch) 7. Remembrance/Ya Na Ho/Four Winds/Witchi Tai To

Personnel: Jim Pepper, tenor saxophone, voice on 4, 7; Mal Waldron, piano; Ed Schuller, bass; John Betsch, drums

First issued in 1999

Tony Hymas: OYATE

Nato 777702/03 (France) [2-CD]

Tracks: Lone Wolf (Hymas) Other tracks are without Pepper

Personnel: Jim Pepper, tenor saxophone; Tony Hymas, keyboards; Stuart Elliott, drums; Frank Ricotti, percussion

Also included on Tony Hymas/Barney Bush: A Sense Of Journey ( Nato 112 010 (France) [CD]), 1995 Rec. 1990, Cerillos, New Mexico, and various locations, England

World Music Orchestra: EAST WEST SUITE

Granit Records 90010 (Austria) [CD]

Tracks: 1. East West Suite, Part 1 (Fields/Novotny) 2. East West Suite, Part 2 (Fields/Novotny) 3. Songs Of July (Abou-Khalil/Pepper) The latter part of track 3 is “Witchi-Tai-To”

Personnel: Leena Conquest, voice; Jim Pepper, saxophones, voice; Fritz Novotny, reeds; Paul Fields, violin, synthesizer; Rabih Abou-Khalil, oud; Levent Tarhan, santur; Bleda Rauf Elibal, bass; Dill Katz, electric bass; Brian Abrahams, drums; Mohammad Tahmassebi, tomback

Rec. “live” July 6, 1990, Town Hall Arkadenhof, Vienna


Tutu CD 888 106 (Germany) [CD]

Tracks: 1. No War Dance 2. Goin’ Down To Muskogee 3. Commander G.A. Custer Git The Buzz 4. Trapeze (Claudine François) 5. Comin’ And Goin’ 6. Three For Jim & I 7. Love Chant For A Lakota Lady 8. Squaw Song/Ya Na Ho/Witchi Tai To 9. Ticket To Wahkeenah 10. Malinyea (Don Cherry) 11. Remembrance/Four Winds

Personnel: Jim Pepper, tenor saxophone, voice, percussion; Bill Bickford, guitar; Ed Schuller, bass; John Betsch, drums; Caren Knight, voice on 1, 2, 3

Rec. “live” May 19, 1990, International Jazz Festival Münster, Germany


Universal 986 551-6 (Austria) [CD]

Tracks: 1. Polar Bear Stomp 2. Greensleeves (trad.) 3. Ya Na Ho (Gilbert Pepper) 4. Squaw Song (G. Pepper) 5. Ticket To M.S. (Mal Waldron) 6. Lakota Song 7. Witchi Tai To

Personnel: Jim Pepper, saxophone, voice, percussion; Wayne Darling, bass; Bill Elgart, drums

First issued in 2003 Rec. “live” May 3, 1991, Miles Smiles Jazz Cafe, Vienna

Jim Pepper / Amina Claudine Myers: AFRO INDIAN BLUES

PAO Records (Austria)

Tracks: 1. Fine and Mellow (B. Holiday; mistitled on CD as “The Blues” and mislabeled as trad.) 2. Comin’ and Goin’ (J. Pepper) 3. Witchi Tai To (J. Pepper) 4. African Blues (A.C. Myers)

Personnel: Jim Pepper, saxophone, vocal, percussion; Amina Claudine Myers, piano, voice; Anthony Cox, bass; Leopoldo Fleming, percussion

First issued March 2006 Rec. “live” May 19, 1991, Raab (Austria ) Jazz Festival


Written by Bill Siegel

May 20, 2008 at 5:38 pm

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  1. This discography is obviously an act of love. I’ve been searching for a version of Witchi Tai To which I heard over a rock station, WMMS Cleveland around 1969-70, which was not the mellower versions I have on later Pepper records such as The Path and the late AfroCuban Blues; this version sounds like it was recorded in a club, and it was absolutely SMOKING! It’s been years since I’ve heard the version, and i’d love to find it again; it opened me up to jazz of all sorts, which is pretty much all I listen to now. Any ideas which version i’m talking about, or where to get it? I’d pay good money to hear that Witchi Tai To again… Tim Kelly

    tim kelly

    April 5, 2009 at 9:41 pm

    • could it have been the version on Everything is Everything?

      David Samn

      May 29, 2009 at 5:54 pm

      • David,
        Maybe it’s just me getting a little confused (must admit I haven’t kept the site up-to-date for a while) — but what question are you answering?
        At any rate, thanks for visiting the site!
        — Bill


        May 29, 2009 at 8:28 pm

      • ooops …sorry — I see it now. Tim Kelly asking about what version of Witchi Tai To he was hearing in 69/70. You’re right, it has to be the Everything is Everything album, since that’s the first time it appeared on record — the next time was on his own Pepper’s Pow Wow a couple years later.


        May 29, 2009 at 8:32 pm

    • TIM,
      You must be thinking of the version on the Everything is Everything LP. That’s the earliest commercial recording of the song, which came out in 1969. In 1971, Pepper recorded his own first LP, Pepper’s Pow Wow, which included both song and chant versions of Witchi Tai To — so if you’re sure of the years, then Everything is Everything is the version you’re remembering (that’s also the version that got the most airplay and hit the charts coincidentally at #69 in 1969.
      – Bill


      May 29, 2009 at 8:36 pm

    • Like you, I also heard Withchi Tai To for the first time on WMMS.

      The version of Witchi Tai To yo may be referring to could be on Comin’ and Goin’ album which I have on LP but would like to have a CD of. Could also be on Pepper’s Pow Wow, or Everything is Everything.


      January 3, 2011 at 1:59 pm

  2. nice piece of work bill! i did my own version in ’92 for the jazz society of oregon; may still be floating in cyberspace somewhere, mistakes & all; but you’ve hipped me to quite a few things i didn’t know about; now i’ve got some searching to do…

    jim olding aka jacques

    November 6, 2009 at 2:52 am

  3. I am writing this that our brother, Jim Pepper, is never forgotten. His songs play the melodies that take me through my day….to this day………Water spirit feeling springin’ round my head makes me feel glad that I’m not dead……….Play on brother, Juie’s with you, Larry and I will have to tough it out. I still have you at # 1 on y charts.

    Peter Pinro

    August 26, 2010 at 1:23 am

  4. I still have you at number one on my charts. I am writing this that Jim Pepper is never forgotten. His music has been an inspiration in my life for forty years. …….makes me feel glad that I’m not dead. Play on brother.

    Peter Pinro

    August 26, 2010 at 1:29 am

    • Peter,
      I’d love to hear more about how Pepper’s music has inspired you. A major focus of my research into his work now is to learn as much as possible about how he and his work have inspired and influenced those who are following him. Feel free to write to me directly at
      Thanks! Bill

      Bill Siegel

      July 7, 2011 at 9:31 am

  5. Nostalgia has got me thinking about an old acquaintance I made years ago. Its about Frank Albright, a great woodwind player even as early as back in the ’50’s.
    Please bring me up to date on his history to date.

    Kind regards/John Bowers – Charlotte, NC

    John Bowers

    September 24, 2010 at 4:53 pm

    • John — sorry for the delayed response. I’m not familiar with Albright. Wish I could help.

      Bill Siegel

      July 7, 2011 at 9:26 am

  6. Additional information for Hunga-Chee-ah-Da (TUTU CD 888 224):

    Lineup on this tour included the “Indian Dancers of Ponca-Tribe” (Oklahoma) and singers Jim Grant, Junior Holson and R.G. Harris; see information on shows in Willisau (June 1 1985; and Moers Festival (May 26 1985

    Please include.

    Refers to:
    Jim Pepper & Eagle Wings
    TUTU CD 888 224

    Jim Pepper & Eagle Wings
    Jim Pepper ts , voc
    Caren Knight, voc
    Abdul Hakim, g, voc
    Lester McFarland, b
    Hamid Drake, dm
    3 unknown Native Americans with vocal, percussion, flute & dance

    Paris, Théatre de Ville, probably June 1985
    Recording from soundboard
    Sound restoration and digital editing by Michael Mueller-Jin
    Produced by Peter Wiessmueller

    1. Ya Na Ho / Newly Weds Song (Medley) 7:04
    2. Comin’ & Goin’ 6:48
    3. Fast War Dance 4:15
    4. Four Winds (Medley: 4 Winds – Now War Dance – Slow War Dance) 4:19
    5. Funky Rock Indian Stomp 6:56
    6. Lakota Song 11:14
    7. Intertribal Dance 3:50
    8. Squaw Song 7:24
    9. Rock Stomp Indian Style 3:44
    10. No War Dance 1:30
    11. Malinyea 5:47
    12. Visions Of A Native American (Medley: Ya Na Ho – Witchi Tai To) 13:27
    13. Fancy Dance Song 1:38


    October 5, 2010 at 2:59 am

  7. Please let me know when the project is completed and ready for purchase!

    Joyce Vincent

    December 27, 2010 at 12:51 pm

    • No excuse for such a delayed response. BUT the good news is that a book is scheduled for publication this spring (2012) about modern-day Native American pop music and jazz. It will include a chapter that I’m writing, about Jim Pepper and his legacy for today’s music and musicians. More on that as it develops.

      Bill Siegel

      July 7, 2011 at 9:25 am

  8. Just found your site….on the great Jim Pepper! I never knew he was on so many recordings. Such a joy to know that there is so much jazz for me yet to hear. Thank you for spending the time to create this. Of course Witchi Tai To was my introduction via Brewer and Shipley. Got to love those guys too for keepin’ the flame alive.

    michael harmon

    January 21, 2011 at 12:26 am

    • Mike, thanks. You might also be interested in knowing that WTT has been recorded over 100 times by musicians of all kinds, all around the world. It’s become a children’s lullaby, Japanese punk, garage rock, embarrassingly stereotyped “Native drum beat”, and a lot of really ambitious efforts. Even fans of the song are usually surprised at how large its following has been for the past 40 years (literally). I was once at Harvard University for a screening of the documentary film about Pepper, and talking to a burly campus security guard about it — when he started reminiscing about the ’60s and remembering how often WTT played on Boston radio back then (thanks to WBCN and DJ Charles Laquidara) and how much the song meant to him and people he knew, even though they didn’t understand it, he actually started crying. A big man in blue, with unembarrassed tears running down his face. Such is the power of Witchi Tai To.

      Bill Siegel

      July 7, 2011 at 9:23 am

  9. The really original “Witchi-tai-to” was a seven or eight minute version that was first cut at Apostolic in 67 or 68. It was played on the 6 or 7 “FM-hippie” stations in the entire country in 67 and 68 that played album cuts of longer than 2 minutes and 45 seconds. KSAN in San Francisco, W— in Detroit that Dennis Frawley and Bob Rudnick (old FS fans from NYC) had a show on which the song was played over and over and over. Chris, Chip, and Pepper and myself got together back in Apostolic in late 1968 to make it into a single. When we got to the studio Chris had already overdubbed the drums, slightly speeding up the tempo, but erasing a GREAT press roll drum lick that Jim Zitro had placed at the exactly perfect time for a lead in for the song. That might be the song that the guy had heard that he cannot find. The real single was and is still a pretty startling and unique three minutes on your radio, which is still played often around the bay area radio stations. I only got production assistance credits on the album, but I did call all the shots on the “single” session. We are still really not satisfyed, however and 2012 is going to see Chip, Chris (hopefully) and I getting together with a buncha South Bay blues greats to do a “definitive” version. Any one know a fantastic tenor player to be Pepper?? I didn’t think so. There ain’t none, brothers. An’ never will be, I’m afraid. I hope you have heard my old Woollensak tape of the band in the Scene in 1967 on Sunbeam Records, just out now. As usual Pepper steals the show!
    Best Wishes to all Pepper and Free Spirits and everything is Everything fans,
    Ted Gehrke

    ted gehrke

    January 12, 2012 at 7:04 pm

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